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Main products Ingredients

Milk Products
Skimmed milk powder 1%, as well as Full cream milk powder 26%/28%, are the main products. Available as regular, instant and vitaminised. In addition we can deliver Casein, Caseinates , Milk protein concentrates, Butter milk powder, Lactic/Sweet cream Butter and Butter oil.

Our range includes Sweet/Acid whey powder, Casein whey powder, Lactose, Whey protein concentrate (30-85%), Demineralised whey powder (40-90%),Delactosed whey powder and Whey permeate.

Skimmed milk powder replacers, Full cream milk powder replacers, Fat filled milk powders and Fat concentrates are at the top of our assortment. We are also r eady for your orders on Coffee creamer and Cappuccino foamer.

Adapted to use Consumer Products

Within this product group you can find Milk powders, Baby food, Dietary products, Cheese, Butter and Evaporated/Condensed Milk. The different types of packaging are adapted to the final use.

No limitations Special Products

Our range of special products has no limitation. Keep in mind that ROKON stands for... ALL ABOUT DAIRY. So, if you have requirements on special products, ROKON is most probably your source to the solution. The same goes for adapted products. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very much willing to find the best opportunities.